Child Identification Cards

Feel safe knowing your child is carrying important information regarding his or her safety. If anything goes wrong, someone can identify your child and contact you immediately.

Getting your child quality identification is easier than ever!

1. Take Picture

Take a picture that will identify your child. It's easiest to take up against a solid color wall in your home.

2. Add Info

Fill out the pertinent information on the ID form. Most knowledge is easy to know without looking up.

3. Feel Safe

Feel safe knowing that child can be identified if he/she gets lost, hurt, or worse - unconcious while alone.

We are Highly Trusted

K-ID's BMV is America's leading provider of children identification cards. We work with large organizations to help provide ID's to communities across the country.

“The K-ID’S BMV booth was a huge success, having the longest line at our event. As a result of the demand that we have already reserved K-IDS BMV for next year’s event - and requested two-units!

Patty Reed

Answers for Autism Walk

“I love K-ID’S BMV and the child ID cards they provide my family. Not only are they really cool but I have kids with medical conditions. I believe these ID’s are a necessary tool to help keep them safe.”

Sandra Bartch

Mother of 4

“My son is on a travel soccer team and I used K-ID’S BMV for his ID card. I was very happy with the quality and the information I include on the card. Great product.”

Jose Gonzales